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Implementing WordPress portfolios into your course

Teachers / Course Examiners / Program Coordinators are invited to integrate Create@USQ WordPress portfolios into an individual course and across a program.

Support is available for planning, designing, implementing and managing a student portfolio approach in your school/discipline.

Follow the steps below for successful integration.

Contact Dr Julie Lindsay, Senior Education Technology Advisor, for further information.

Steps for successful integration of WordPress student portfolios

Follow these essential steps to successfully integrate student portfolios into your course and program.

STEP 1 – Learning about portfolios

Make sure you read the material about Getting Started with a Create@USQ WordPress portfolio as background information to the purpose and facility of online student portfolios for learning and teaching.

This includes information about: ‘What is a portfolio?’, ‘Why create a portfolio?’, ‘Reflection and portfolio development’, and ‘Student online portfolios to support reflective learning and employability’.

STEP 2 – Preparation and Planning – Portfolio Elements for Learning and Teaching Success

We have identified SIX key elements requiring discussion and planning leading to successful portfolio implementation. These are: Purpose, Design, Assessment, Approach (pedagogy), Creation and Support.

DOWNLOAD the interactive Portfolio Elements for Learning and Teaching Success as a guide for course, program and School-based planning.

STEP 3 – Undertaking to implement WordPress portfolios

Register an EOI to provide WordPress portfolios for your students via the online form: Student ePortfolios with Create@USQ 2022. You will then be contacted for further discussion around course requirements and support needed.

This includes:

  • Discussing the purpose of your student portfolios such as employability, reflection, personal branding
  • Exploring assessment design and alignment with course objectives
STEP 4 – Delivering portfolios to your students

Student portfolios are batch processed from a discipline or course specific template. View current templates on the New Creation page. 

In order to batch process portfolios for your students you must:

  • Confirm the template structure
  • Share the final class list for batch processing
  • Set up relevant information within StudyDesk to support student understanding of their WordPress portfolio (how they will receive it, what to do when it arrives, where to find support, etc)
  • Organise online or in-person tutorial support for student portfolio development (optional)
STEP 5 – Managing student portfolios

CampusPress provides a facility for the management of student portfolios called MyClass. This brings together your cohort of portfolios into a single portal.

This post-grad education portal is a good example.


Managing a MyClass course portal

The video below provides a bespoke look into a Create@USQ course where students are developing portfolios and teachers manage students portfolios through a MyClass portal.

Collating lists of users, posts and comments

The video below shares how to access the dashboard reports to collate lists of users, posts and comments.

Additional resources

These additional resources will extend your understanding of MyClass and student blog/portfolio management.

  • Are you a teacher and have a question about Create@USQ? Email Dr Julie Lindsay, Senior Education Technology Advisor
  • Are you a student with a WordPress portfolio and have a question or need to contact help? Go to Support.

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