The Technology Enhanced Learning Collaborative (TELC) is a multidisciplinary group of researchers investigating how technology can be made integral to learning and therefore enhance formal and informal education.
The collaborative explores ways that technology can assist learners to be connected to their families, friends, peers, and educators, both enriching their experience and solving contemporary educational problems. It also investigates different educational contexts where technology can play a part – such as STEM and early childhood education. Finally, it critically researches and evaluates new and emerging technologies (e.g., A.I. and immersive technology) and their potential educational affordances and opportunities for engagement.

The collaborative is based within the Institute for Resilient Regions at the University of Southern Queensland

Online Engagement

Exploring engagement with online learning in multiple contexts.

Embedding Technology

Exploring the use of technology to enhance learning and teaching.

Learning Environments

Exploring the affordances and evaluation of learning environments

Immersive Technology and A.I.

Developing sound approaches in using cutting edge immersive technology and A.I.

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