Create a portfolio, blog, project website or learning journal

Create@UniSQ is an innovative opportunity leveraging the WordPress platform for online publishing. It provides all UniSQ staff and students with an online environment for programs and courses, as well as group or individual teaching, learning and research use. Sites can be open to the public or private to the user, or password protected for assessment purposes.

showcase skills and learning

connect and collaborate

enhance employability


Curate your selected learning and research artefacts. Share learning and showcase academic development with others.


Share your thoughts and experiences with the world. Create an individual blog site for one or more courses or a class blog site.


Create a group website
for collaborative learning. Publish your academic project for teaching and research with the world. 


Reflect and curate
multimedia artefacts privately, or with a select audience, in your own
digital journal.

Getting started

Find all the ‘how-to’ guides, tools and resources you need to build your creations.


Need help from someone? Find and access the various supports to help you create.


Explore more advanced features for your creations.


Finishing at USQ and want to take your creations with you? Find out how here.