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Create@UniSQ is an innovative space, that provides all students and staff with access to an online publishing environment that can be used in programs and courses, as well as for group or individual teaching, learning and research.

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Curate your selected learning and research artefacts. Share learning and showcase academic development with others

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Share your thoughts and experiences with the world. Create an individual blog site for one or more courses or a class blog site.

Collaborate on a Project

Create a group website for collaborative learning. Publish your academic project for teaching and research with the world. 


Reflect and curate multimedia artefacts privately, or with a select audience, in your own digital journal.

Portfolios for Learning

Access the latest Portfolios for Learning Mini-Course from the Technology Demonstrators Team.

This resource provides a useful overview of the benefits of creating a Portfolio for all learners.

Portfolios for Learning - Screenshot from the Mini Course

Create@UniSQ Blog

Read the latest posts from the Create@UniSQ Blog to learn more about the benefits of Portfolios and discover resources to support your success.

Reflective Portfolios

What is reflective practice and reflection in portfolio development? Reflective practice is a process. A process of deliberate critical appraisal of self where connections are made between values purposes and actions. Critical reflection is a metacognitive activity...

What is a Portfolio?

What is a portfolio? A portfolio is a digitised collection of artefacts, and reflections purposefully compiled to share one's work, efforts, and progress.  In an ever challenging and competitive world a portfolio is part of your personal and professional branding....

Why Create a Portfolio?

The top 10 reasons why you should create a portfolio If you are ever in doubt as to the importance of creating a personal/professional portfolio, here are 10 reasons to help you get motivated.... A portfolio helps you craft and present evidence-based and...

Portfolios for reflective learning and employability

L&T Showcase Presentation An important focus of the student online portfolio initiatives at USQ is student employability through sharing evidence of growth and reflective learning. For the USQ Learning and Teaching Showcase in early November, 2021 my...

Getting started with reflective learning and portfolios

What is reflective practice and reflection in portfolio development? Reflection is a helpful strategy in development as practitioners and especially with regard to reasoning processes. It involves describing, analysing and evaluating our thoughts, assumptions,...

Disclaimer: The content and opinions expressed on sites hosted on Create@USQ do not necessarily reflect the views of, nor are they endorsed by the University of Southern Queensland.

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