What is a Portfolio?

28 Feb, 2023 | Pilot, Portfolios | 0 comments

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What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a digitised collection of artefacts, and reflections purposefully compiled to share one’s work, efforts, and progress.  In an ever challenging and competitive world a portfolio is part of your personal and professional branding. It may be linked to assessment and also provide long-term storage for your work and accomplishments.

Creation of a portfolio requires some technology mastery to digitise artefacts and create the online resource. It also involves evaluation of personal beliefs, philosophies, and objectives and sharing these in clear, informative and productive ways. The actual contents of a portfolio will depend on you. Remember a portfolio should tell a story of you and your learning and professional journey.

The fours stages of portfolio development

The 4 stages of portfolio development include: collect, select, reflect and connect.

Collect – a range of evidence including, where contextually appropriate, media-rich artefacts from your learning and experiences.

Select – critically select key artefacts that share meaningful evidence of your growth, attainments and professional standing.

Reflect – make sure you reflect on and share narratives of ideas and experiences that have influenced your transformation.

Connect – look for points of connection among your artefacts, experiences, and reflections, to construct and present a “portrait” of you.   https://youtu.be/C39vPmaWHKI  


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