About Create@USQ

Create@USQ is an easy-to-use portfolio, blogging and web publishing service for USQ Staff and students. It uses the platform WordPress powered and supported by CampusPress.

The Create@USQ Project

Since Semester 1, 2022, Create@USQ has continued to rollout as a project providing WordPress websites to students and staff.

The main focus is on student portfolios through batch processing sites based on a discipline-designed template. We are also planning to establish self- selection of sites for interested users including academics and research groups requiring an online presence to share and collaborate with others within and beyond USQ.

Background – 2021

During Semester 1 and 2, 2021 a student portfolio pilot took place with select courses, as listed below.

A course-based template was created in consultation with academics and course examiners in the pilot to provide all students in that course with a suitable basic website. Using the template student then were encouraged to customise their portfolio with images, artefacts and information.

S2 2021 Create@USQ Pilot

In Semester 2, 2021 (July-November) the Create@USQ portal supported a pilot of over 1000 users across 14 courses. These included:

  • PSY1020 | Foundation Psychology B
  • PSY1105 | Psychology Skills B
  • PSY2105 | Psychology Skills D
  • PSY4090 | Psychology Complementary Studies B
  • COU8104/5010 | Counselling Frameworks
  • COU8103 | Counselling Issues and Contexts
  • VIS1020 3D | Studio Foundations
  • VSA2003 | Contemporary Art Practice 3
  • VSA2005 | Visual Arts Project 3
  • VSA3005 | Contemporary Art Practice 5
  • NUR1102 | Literacies & Communications in Health Care
  • NUR2102 | Chronic Care Across the Lifespan B
  • EDM8004 | Teacher Identity
  • PUH8010 | Integrated Public Health Core A
  • PUH8020 | Integrated Public Health Core B

S1 2021 Create@USQ Pilot

In Semester 1, 2021 (February-June) the Create@USQ portal supported a portfolio (and reflective blogging) pilot of up to 1000 users across 8 courses. The courses included:

  • PSY1104 | Psychological Skills A
  • PSY1010 | Foundation Psychology A
  • COU8101 | Counselling Skills and Applications
  • VIS1010 | 2D Studio Foundations
  • EDM8004 | Teacher Identity
  • NUR1102 | Literacies and Communication for Health Care
  • PUH8010 | Integrated Public Health A (Masters of Public Health)

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Disclaimer: The content and opinions expressed on sites hosted on Create@USQ do not necessarily reflect the views of, nor are they endorsed by the University of Southern Queensland.

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