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Technology Demonstrators

Technology Demonstrators (TechDems) is a Learning and Teaching Futures Portfolio initiative aligned with the UniSQ Education Plan 2022-2025. Its aim is to apply the Process for Innovation and Adoption of Educational Technologies to curriculum and teaching. This involves developing practical understanding of edtech by providing opportunities for exploration and experimentation within a supported learning environment.

Through the scholarly and evaluative integration of educational technologies, TechDems supports academics to develop creative teaching practices and adopt relevant pedagogies to provide choice, accessibility and enhanced learning opportunities for all learners.

TechDem – Choose Your Own Adventure

How will YOU engage with Technology Demonstrators at USQ? Choose from the options below:

Click here to Participate in the TechDem Community of Practice. Image: Overhead shot of 6 hands holding each other.

Participate in the TechDem Community of Practice

A good starting action. Diverse meeting topics, guests, presentations and interactions explore new innovations and possibilities for your learning and teaching.

Click here to join a Technology Demonstrators Special Interest Group (SIG). Image: A blue character working on a puzzle.

Join one or more TechDem Special Interest Groups

Meet and collaborate with like-minded colleagues around pertinent digital innovations.

Click here to join or propose a Digital Learning Initiative. Image: Colleagues working together at a laptop.

Undertake a TechDem Digital Learning Initiative

Consider joining an organised pilot or project and/or leveraging LTA support for an individual innovation.

Browse the TechDem CoP Newsletter

Check out the Technology Demonstrator’s Community of Practice Newsletters for updates on current activities, resources and events. Click here to access archives for previous years.

Join the TechDems Conversations

Click on the posts below to read the most recent blog posts from the TechDems team, or click here access the main Conversations Blog.

TechDem CoP March 2024: Portfolios

TechDem CoP March 2024: Portfolios

What a fabulous session we had at our most recent Technology Demonstrators Community of Practice Event, focusing on e-portfolios in education, the benefits of reflection and the challenges of implementation.

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