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Digital Initiatives: Engageli

Engageli Project

Engageli is an online learning environment that aims to virtually replicate the classroom collaborative experience in both small and large scale scenarios.

Key features that meet learning and teaching needs at UniSQ:

  • Aligns with the UniSQ virtual campus objectives in the Education Plan
  • Supports synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, and HyFlex instruction
  • Data collection focuses on student engagement, interaction and collaboration
  • Polls and quizzes integrated into class materials
  • High-quality synchronous video playback
  • Playback class recordings accessible by individuals and student groups for additional collaborative peer-to-peer learning
  • Accessible via browser interface
  • Integrated into StudyDesk

Get in touch if you’d like more info about using Engagli in with your students or colleagues.

Update 2024

After a successful 2-year pilot the Learning and Teaching Futures portfolio is encouraging widespread use of Engageli for courses and other needs (eg. meetings, workshops, research groups and cross-institutional collaborations).

Support for Engageli is through regular ‘Engageli Explorers’ drop-in workshops in addition to bespoke sessions with academics and schools. Read also about the self-paced onboarding modules below.

Contact Dr Julie Lindsay to discuss your requirements.

Engageli Asynchronous Onboarding Modules

Our new Onboarding Modules are available in Playback mode, and provide a great overview of using Engageli and its features.

Click here to watch a video that shows how to get access to modules in the Playback Room.

Click here to access the Modules in the Playback Room.

Engageli Video Gallery

Click on the tabs below for the latest updates from Engageli:

Engageli Explorer’s Sessions

Join the regular drop-in sessions to build understanding, skills and pedagogical capability with Engageli.

We know how hard it is to learn a new tool for teaching – therefore these sessions will:

  • Provide consistent and regular immersion into the Engageli platform
  • Focus initially on building basic familiarisation leading to more advanced features
  • Provide technical AND pedagogical support for your course requirements
  • Bring together like-minded colleagues who know how important it is to innovate using online and digital technologies
  • Encourage Course Coordinators to design a bespoke approach to L&T using Engageli

Engageli Explorers sessions: Eat, Engage, Experiment!

Held every second Tuesday at 12-1pm (from April 16, 2024)

Click the buttons below to participate (or email Julie Lindsay) 

Current TechDem Digital Initiatives

Engageli Project

Engageli is an online learning environment that aligns with virtual campus objectives. It supports synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid modes.

UniSQ have committed to roll out this tool academics and courses over the next three years. 

Student Portfolios using Create@UniSQ

TechDems successfully piloted student WordPress Portfolios via the Create@USQ portal in 2021-23.

As of June 2023 this is an ongoing project rollout for all programs, disciplines and courses as required.

Cadmus Pilot

Cadmus is an online assessment tool can be used for a range of written assessment tasks like essays, literature reviews, lab reports, tutorial activities, and exam alternatives

TechDems is supporting the exploration of Cadmus in 2024.

Gradescope Pilot

Gradescope helps educators seamlessly administer and grade assessments in both online and face to face settings.

TechDems is supporting the exploration of Gradescope in 2024.

Nolej Logo and image of a wired, connected planet

Nolej Pilot

Nolej helps educational designers and course coordinators to rapidly generate interactive learning material.

TechDems is supporting the exploration of Nolej in 2024

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