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Getting Started: Resources to help you setup, customize and manage your Create@UniSQ Site

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Setting Up Categories and Tags

Categories and Tags help to organize posts on your Create@UniSQ Site, making them easier for readers to locate and making them more searchable. They appear on posts pages and can also be displayed via a Widget in your blog sidebar.


Help to organize the Posts you have published into useful collections, making it easier for readers to locate the topics they are interested in quickly and easily. They provide a helpful way to group related posts together, and to quickly tell readers what a post is about. They can also be used to create navigational structure on your site.

You can add as many categories as you need to make the post easier to locate.

For example you may wish to add categories for:

  • Each subject you are enrolled in – to group together assessment tasks
  • Particular areas of interest – eg. Social Media, Technology, Learning Design etc
  • Personal Posts – to group together general posts on personal projects or experiences.


Tags are intended to be keywords that accurately represent the subject matter you have written about and can help to increase traffic and assist readers in finding topics of interest.

Tags are displayed on your blog attached to posts or as a tag cloud in your sidebar. Clicking on a tag name will take your readers to all posts tagged with that term.

You can add as many tags as are relevant to your post.

Explore the slides below for information about Categories and Tags

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Handy Tips

Categories can be used in your Menus to create structure and navigation on your site. Check out our Menus guide here for more info.

Categories and Tags can also be displayed via Widgets in your site’s sidebar. Check out our Widgets Guide here for more info.

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